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Maryanne Resendes. Your Boston Area Realtor®. Jamaica Hill Realty.
Maryanne Resendes
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Buyer Agency

As your Buyer’s Agent, I am completely on your side and work on your behalf. I will provide you with all the information you need to buy your dream home, at the lowest price and at the most affordable terms. I will guide you and walk you through the stages of home buying which are: Locating a Property, Offer, Inspection, Financing, Closing and everything in between. A Buyer Agent representation is about commitment and confidentiality always! …and I am always personally there. I do not sub-contract my services. You hire me and you get me. Check out my testimonials from satisfied buyers!

Buyer Agency Representation (2 choices – customer or client)
There are 2 ways you can work with an agent when you are the buyer. You, as the buyer, have the choice. You can hire that agent by requesting that the agent work for and represent you. Upon mutual agreement to this relationship, you, the buyer becomes a client of the agent and the agent's company, and is entitled to full representation and all of the fiduciary (person who is entrusted for the benefit of another) duties of agency. From this point on you have chosen to be loyal. Agents admit they work harder for loyal buyers. Don't work with multiple agents in one area at the same time. If you decide to switch agents or if you're house hunting with two agents in two distinct areas, disclose the situation to both agents. If you visit an open house, sign the guest book and write in your agent's name and telephone number. If you spot a new for-sale sign or a new listing on a Web site, ask your agent to get the details. If you decide to check it out yourself, mention your agent's name.

The other way a buyer and agent can work together is with the buyer remaining a customer, and the agent acting as an agent or sub agent to the seller. A buyer customer is not represented, but is entitled to complete honesty, full disclosure of material facts about the property, and fair dealing from the agent.

At our first meeting you can make a choice at which relationship you will select and we will complete the state Mandatory Agency Disclosure form, carefully explaining just how that relationship will work. You are given a copy of this form.

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